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NetherWiki is an encyclopedia for documenting bizarre, unexplainable, or fascinating events, objects, and people. The articles span a wide range of subjects - but are always interesting. Originally created to catalog the many artifacts of the Rosewater Transmissions, the scope of the project has expanded to include the Skyshale Documents, Z2BL, and other enigmatic phenomena.

Featured Articles

The Rosewater Transmissions

The Rosewater Transmissions are a series of ongoing radio transmissions originating out of the Travis Country area. These transmissions take the form of analog and digital signals encompassing audio recordings, binary data, news programs, television shows, music, literature, movies, and miscellaneous conversation—the vast majority of which have never been found outside of the transmissions themselves.

The NetherWiki community was founded to document the thousands of hours of media composing these Rosewater artifacts. Some of our most popular articles include Heyoke the Wolf and TAOCAH.

The Skyshale Documents

The Skyshale Documents refer to a collection of hand-written journal entries, photos of which were originally posted on 4chan's /x/ board in 2014. The journals contain research notes concerning the study and manipulation of conscious perception through a combination of meditation and psychoactive drug use. As well as various notes and essays on topics including experimental decentralized political systems, world religion, AGI development, and the nature of the self.

The journals have received widespread attention to their erudite and esoteric nature. Skyshale outlines several techniques for radically augmenting consciousness, including the formation of separate sentient personalities, the induction of photo-realistic hallucinations at will, full control or even abolition of human emotion, and a procedure for achieving classical Buddhist enlightenment. A series of new religious movements have sprung up around Skyshale and her writing known as Prototheism.


The project is still in pre-alpha and always looking for contributors. Please see the development page and join our discord to get up to speed.